What is verified Trainer

Field of training it does not depend on titles, but a lot of learning and efficiency. So be a Trainer It means that you offer a lot of services to the community in general Especially, in work and life.

But life is not that ideal, there are those who try fraud and forgery in the name of the trainers.

Therefore, we have established this system to help coaches protect them from fraud and keep their experiences documented and verified.

During to our recognition of the importance of technology  and how technology affect human life. We develop Electronic system to create a community of trainers on a unified global level such as a global federation of certified trainers.

It's also reflect in the global labor market by giving employees qualified to labor market after completing their training by competent certified trainers.

Therefore our featured counselors developed create an Electronic system with consideration to the international standards, this standards are developed to but trainers in the right track.

The verified trainer is the one who got real certificates and documents certified by competent institution and our role is track the source of this documents and certificates to make sure that he already got this certificates, and this done by our professional verification team.

The International Standards Est advisors committed and developed a strategic plan that contributes to the organization of the training process and reduces the burden of training.

This system is designed to act as a third party to ensure the integrity of the procedures process for all parts of the training process and the third party’s responsibility for the validity of these procedures.