Verifying the efficiency of the trainer :

If the room has four corners, the trainer is the cornerstone of the training room. Hence the trainer should be chosen in the required specialization carefully. This ensures a high quality for the outcomes of the training and achieves huge benefits for the trainees.

1- Given the experience of the trainer, he/she should be able to estimate the needs of the trainees.

2- Accordingly, the trainer chooses and designs prober training methods that are compatible with the training topic. He/she also should be able to run, evaluate and develop the training to be always up to date.

3- The International Standards Est is responsible for verifying the qualifications, experience, skills and CV of the trainer through managing the International Verified Trainer ID.

4- The International Verified Trainer ID addresses the sources of the qualifications and experiences of  trainer and verifies their credibility.

5- This ensures that the trainees, whether they are individuals or entities, are trained by high quality and trusted trainers.

6- The international Standards Est works as a third party, between trainers and trainees, to be responsible for the verification process.

7-This System provides the beneficiaries with an access to see all the verified qualifications, experience and CV of the trainer in the required field before contracting him/her.

8-This system also helps the training entities to choose active trainers in any field easily, quickly and in a very trusted way because.

9- all certificates are verified by the International Standard Certificate Number “ISCN”. The ISCN is considered as the hugest database for verified documents