Documenting the Training Event :

The importance of documenting aspects and elements of training, be it a workshop, forum, conference, seminar or anything that includes a course for participants no less important than documenting the content and documenting the trainer. Documentation of the training event is very important for trainers, trainees and organizers, and the documentation process is done in chronological order consistent with the development of the process of Training.

-The International Standards Est is a pioneer in the field of electronic verification documentation and development of learning outcomes.

- Its message is to generate and support the creative research that has a high quality and focuses on the educational and academic field.

-The International Standards Est adopted documenting the trainings completely.

-Documenting the training includes documenting the event itself and all the materials and certificates resulting from the training through the International Standards Certificate Number "ISCN".

- An international ID will be generated for each event so that any one at any time can check the event and all the related documents and certificates through “”.

-This ID helps to archive and organize all the trainees' certificate.

-It also keeps the certificates and the material safe forever and save at any damage or lost.

- Moreover, it links any certificate with its owner and the entity that issued the certificate.