Testing and Documenting the Training Content :

"Content is the king" This is always said on any content, and the training content here is easy to abstain, so making sure the application is easy and there are no gaps and meet the needs of the trainees, it is a big task to choose who is assigned.

Content documentation takes place in several steps:

1- These materials are documented so that trainers and trainees can access them at any time.

2. This preserves the material forever, and preserves it against any damage and connects it to its owner to protect its intellectual property rights.

3- The International Standards Est is responsible for testing the material and documenting it with the International Standards Certificate Number “ISCN”.

4- This system gives a unique international ID to all types of documents, research, books including the training material after ensuring the validity of its content and making sure that it doesn’t have any knowledge gaps and it suits the training topic.

5- This ID is linked to the owner of the material who might be an individual or an entity. This material is kept safe forever in the database. This means that all training materials, that have verified IDs, were verified by specialists from the Advisory Committee.

6- The International Standards Est applies this process through encouraging creativity in the field of evaluation and verification.

7-  It tries to find new ways to enhance the learning experience for all people. It also tries to improve the learning outcomes at all the institutions including the training entities.