Verified Trainer Introduction

The Standards of Ensuring the efficiency and validity of the

                                Training Process

The quantity is not the decisive line in content quality. This is what we need to keep in mind, especially with the increasing number of training centers and trainers, some of which do not have the basic pillars of the training process.

Hence, we must make it clear that the basic training processes appear in many organizations, which must have full management of the training, working on internal and external responsibilities.

Internal responsibilities appear in the planning and budgeting of training, and external responsibilities are reflected in the choice of training center, trainer, training topic and content.

Therefore, the International Standards Est has developed a strategic plan to help organize the training process and ensure its efficiency and benefits.

This plan works to reduce the burden on training entities and the International Standards Est acts as a third party to ensure the validity of measures.

This process was named The Standards of Ensuring the Efficiency and Validity of the Training Process.

There are main criteria aims to achieving the highest benefit from the training process.

This is done through some measures:

1- The efficiency of the trainer.

2- The quality of the training content.

3- Verifying the training process.

4- Checking the license of the training entity.

After intensive studies, the Advisory Committee thought of the following measures to be applied:

1- Verifying the trainer and checking his/her qualifications, experience, good behavior, curriculum vitae and his specialization in the topic that he is going to give a training about. The International Standards Est offers this service in accordance with some measures that ensure achieving the criteria mentioned before.

2- Verifying the content of the training and ensuring its efficiency, validity content is documented and saved so that trainers and trainees could reach this content easily.

3- Verifying the training event whether it is a conference, workshop or Forum. This is done through documenting all the certificates resulting from this training in the international unified verification system which ensures their safety and validity and keeps them forever.

4- Making sure of the license of the training entity and its license in the training topic as well. this is guaranteed by the International Standards Est.