Verified Trainer ID Mechanisms

t’s a code the trainer takes when he sign up in our E-system and this code afford him a dashboard that containing all of his certificates and qualifications , this means that this trainer has already been certified after making sure that he is the one who obtained these certificates.

System mechanics are based on specific elements, but they are also flexible. The following points will be described.

1. The system shall operate according to a clear mechanism, bearing in mind that it deals with common international standards.

2. This system provides a unique identifier for each trainer.

3. This identifier performs descriptive information about the owner of the number.

4. This information mainly includes the nationality of the holder of the number and the certificates verified by the ISCN.

5. Thus, this symbol consists of numeric symbols and alphabetic numbers where the first two symbols are the English letter and the last two symbols are the English numbers.

6-The system guarantees the uniqueness of the code where there is no way to find repeated codes.

7- After issuing the 3 parts, they get integrated all together to form the documented international identification for Establishment.

8-It also gets attached to a certain QR that is easy to be read.

9- After having an ID, the Trainers can access an electronic gateway using the username, which is the ID, and a password that he/she creates.

10- After opening the electronic gateway with the ID and the password, the Trainers can create documented profile through which they can add all their works.

11- These works might include certificates, experience, research, conferences, honors, workshops and prizes they received.

12- The owner of the ID can adjust his/her profile anytime and improve it in dynamically, continuously and for free.

It is also through the system ISCN that can document the training event.

The documentation of the training event:  That includes documenting the event itself and documenting all certificates and documents issued by that event with ISCN system to take the unified international reference code, where anyone at any time from anywhere can check the details of the event or certificates by entering the code in the Verification.

This also helps to archive and organize the certificates of trainees and facilitate them to refer to them in the future and protect them from fraud, damage and loss, as well as the proportion of each certificate and link to the source (donor) and holder (certificate holder).

The license of the training service providers can also be verified.

This step can be implemented easily, quickly and reliably through the service of International Est. (ID), one of the services provided by the International Standard Document System (ISCN system), through which a uniform reference is given to all enterprises in the world where a unified international reference code For institutions and their inclusion in the database on the system after verifying the validity of all its data and ensuring the existence and validity of licenses and commercial activity through the specialized agencies and the responsible authorities and agents.This unified symbol represents the international identity of the establishment.