What is Trainer ID benefits?

Many benefits, many of the advantages we offer you as a trainer make you feel comfortable, and you are in a safe community.

However, the advantages we offer provide confidence between trainers and individuals and put the trainer on high-stride career paths.

There are two types of benefits we have, as we said before the identifier.

1- General benefits on the international and humanitarian level.

2- Benefits of the verified Trainer ID system for entities especially the educational and academic entities.

Firstly : General benefits on the international and humanitarian level.

1- Establishing a featured international reference and unique international identifications, for Trainer holders that implement all their significant information.

2-The system keeps documented electronic copies from all the certificates and experiences forever. Anyone can check them at any time and from anywhere all over the world for free.

3- Combat cheating, fraud and deception about fake qualifications which helps in protecting the people and the entire society and achieving the policy of fairness and equity.

4- Providing a documented profile for all of Trainers holders verified ID on the system that is reachable easily. This profile of each Trainer brings together all his/her scientific research, works, achievements and experience…etc.

5- Providing better job opportunities through offering the experience and qualifications of the trainers, who are registered on the system, to all the various entities that target these qualifications. This is done internationally in a free, continuous and, most importantly, trusted way.

6- Protecting all the works of trainers and gathering all works of the trainer in one place.

7- Provide a unique identifier for each trainers who uses the system to refer to the trainers. This identifier grants free access to all information, works, expertise, achievements and articles of the owner of this identifier.

8- Combat fake Trainer which is considered as a global issue especially with spreading this phenomenon with the modern technological development.

9- Providing an electronic documented curriculum vitae “CV” that can be sent to anyone or any entity. This could be done simply and without the need to go back to the traditional ways of applying with hard copies of the certificates.

10- Creating documented means of communication for individuals and entities through which they can communicate with the owner of the ID.

11- Creating a documented electronic gateway through which the Trainer holder can receive job offers.

12- Protecting any scientific achievement or research of the Trainer holders and, most importantly, protecting their intellectual properties.

13- Protecting the documents from damage that might happen due to any natural disasters

14- Being part of an international documented unified system that guarantees an active and trusted environment where frauds are not allowed to be part of.

15- Keeping all the scientific works safe for Trainers who are given IDs by the system.


Secondly: Benefits of the verified Trainer ID system for entities especially the educational and academic entities.

1- Empowering the organizations around the world through offering documented, smart and electronic reference for all the certificates and qualifications. All this information is accessible easily and for free.

2- The system guarantees the credibility and integrity of all the certificates and qualifications of For trainers with ID.

3- The system will eliminate the traditional way of asking about hard copies of the documents. The ID of the Trainer will be enough to provide detailed and documented information about the owner of the ID.

4- Protecting all the documents forever through keeping a documented electronic reference on the system. It also saves the entities from being deceived by any fake certificate or qualification.

5- Providing an electronic gateway for entities through which they can search for qualified Trainers and offer them job opportunities. This can be done easily, quickly and precisely.

6- The system saves time, effort and money for trainers.