Verifying the License of the Training Entity and the Trainer: 

To ensure the highest quality for the training outcomes, the training entities and the trainers should be specialized and licensed and practice their activities legally.

Therefore, there should be an independent third party to do the verification process between the trainer and trainee before contracting.

-This step could be done easily, quickly and in a very trusted way through the International Establishment ID service.

-This service is produced by the International Standard Certificate Number “ISCN” where a unique, unified and international ID is given to each entity in the world and it is included in the database of the system.

-This ID is given after checking the validity, credibility, license, commercial activities of the organization through contacting the responsible and competent authorities and agents.

-This ID represents an international identity of the organization.

-Anyone can check for any organization through entering its international ID on the website at any time.

-The ID of each organization is attached to a certain QR that is easy to be read.

-This also gives information about each organization which makes it easy for individuals and entities to choose the most suitable trainer at the required field.