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when the trainer register in the system he will be trusted globaly and he will be able to join the global trainer community , trainer will get an internationaly Id provide that he is quailfications is authorized and accredited globaly and this trainer is qualified to labor market , our system i created to protect the trainer from fraud , data lose and impersonation , the system gives trainers portal to upload all of their documents, certficates and data .

 It’s a code the trainer takes when he sign up in our E-system and this code afford him a Portal that containing all of his certificates and qualifications , this means that this trainer has already been certified after making sure that he is the one who obtained these certificates  , this code is composed of 3 Parts. The first part consists of 3 letters that indicate the country of the ID owner. The second part is an abbreviation to the doctorate itself. The third part is the code that is given to the Trainer holder after verifying  doctorate with ISCN. This code consists of both numerical and alphabetical symbols where the first 4 symbols are English letter and the last 4 symbols are English numbers. The system guarantees the uniqueness of the code where there is no way to find repeated codes. After issuing the 3 parts, they get integrated all together to form the documented international identification for Trainer potral .